The College of Health Care Professions

Associate of Applied Science in Cardiovascular Sonography

The College of Health Care Professions' Cardiovascular Sonography degree is an accredited program in Texas that will prepare you for a rewarding career as a Cardiac Sonographer.

Cardiac Sonographers (also known as Echocardiologists or Echocardiographers) use ultrasound technology to create a specific type of sonogram, called an echocardiograph, of the heart. An echocardiograph is used to ensure the heart’s valves, chambers, and muscle contractions are all working properly and to illuminate any potential issues. The procedure may be performed when the patient is at rest or immediately following cardiovascular activity. After the 2-D images are created, the Cardiac Sonographer passes the imaging along to a doctor, who can then make an informed diagnosis. Once you complete your training in echocardiology with The College of Health Care Professions, you’ll be well-equipped to take the Cardiovascular Credentialing Exam and on your way to an entry-level position as an Echocardiologist.

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