Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

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Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

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Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Logo of Harrisburg University
Type Private, nonprofit[1]
Established 2001[2]
Chairman Robert M. Scaer, P.E.[3]
President Eric D. Darr, Ph.D.[4]
Provost Bili S. Mattes, D.Ed.[5]
Academic staff
Students 3,000[2]
Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
40°15'43?N 76°52'49?W? / ?40.2619°N 76.8802°W? / 40.2619; -76.8802
Campus Urban
Harrisburg University Logo

Harrisburg University of Science & Technology is a four-year private non-profit university in Pennsylvania's capital, Harrisburg. The school was founded in 2001, opened its doors in 2005, and first accredited in 2009. As of January 11, 2016, the University has 400 undergraduate, 2,600 graduate students and 150 full and part-time faculty and staff. Although regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the university is currently on probation.[6]

Academics and student life

Harrisburg University has 7 undergraduate and 4 graduate programs in science and technology related disciplines. The university follows a trimester system.

The University partners with many local civic organizations for student clubs and activities, such as the Harrisburg Young Professionals (HYP). HU students receive free membership in the organization,[7] which involves students in various community programs.

The university only has 1 academic building. Although the school does not have a cafeteria, students in the housing have complete kitchens in each room. Many often eat at Strawberry Square, a food court and shopping area located close by the school. The university's academic center along with housing are all located in urban downtown Harrisburg. The university is within walking distance of the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, which provides numerous cultural events for students.


Harrisburg University is regionally accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). MSCHE put the university on probation in June 26, 2014 for "insufficient evidence that it is currently in compliance with Standard 3 (Institutional Resources) and Standard 14 (Assessment of Student Learning)."[6] A MSCHE visit in November has already found that "the institution is now in compliance with Standard 3 (Institutional Resources) [but that] the institution remains on probation pending ... compliance with Standard 14 (Assessment of Student Learning)" with a request for additional documentation demonstrating compliance with Standard 14 due January 8, 2016.[6]

Price of attendance (2015-2016)

Full-time undergraduate tuition charges of $11,950 are for 12 to 17 semester hours. An undergraduate student who registers for more than 17 semester hours is subject to additional tuition costs at the per-semester hour rate (for example, tuition charged for 18 semester hours will be $11,950 + $1000 or $12,950). An undergraduate student who registers for 11 semester hours or fewer is charged the per semester hour rate multiplied by the number of registered semester hours. The domestic graduate tuition rate is $800 per credit hour.

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