Montcalm Community College

2800 College Dr 
Sidney MI 48885 

(989) 328-2111

Montcalm Community College

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Montcalm Community College
Montcalm Community College.jpg
Motto Creating Brighter Futures
Established 1965
Type Public two-year
President Dr. Robert Ferrentino [1]
Students 2,080
Location Sidney, Michigan, United States
43°15'12?N 85°06'00?W? / ?43.2532°N 85.1001°W? / 43.2532; -85.1001Coordinates: 43°15'12?N 85°06'00?W? / ?43.2532°N 85.1001°W? / 43.2532; -85.1001

Montcalm Community College (MCC), founded in 1965, is a two-year community college located in Sidney, Michigan. In 2005 Montcalm Community College had an enrollment of 2,080 students. MCC is classified as an Associate's College by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.[2]

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